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Chiropractic Care for Headaches

Can Chiropractic Care Really Reduce Headaches?

Yes! Since headaches affect just about everyone at some point and they present themselves in many different ways, they can be difficult to manage. What many people don’t understand, though, is that headaches are often caused by subluxations—misaligned vertebrae—in the upper back and neck. That’s why chiropractic care has become such a popular treatment.

What Types of Headaches Are Treated with Chiropractic Care?

Although headaches can be caused by wide variety of factors—like drug reaction, tightness in the neck muscles, low blood sugar, high blood pressure, stress, and fatigue—the majority of recurrent headaches are of two types: tension and migraine headaches. There is a third, less common, type of headache called a cluster headache that is a cousin to the migraine.

How Does Chiropractic Care Work?

Headache treatment depends on what caused it.  The most common headaches are usually treated with over-the-counter or prescription painkillers. That’s why millions of headache sufferers are turning to the natural, drugless, chiropractic approach to pain management.

Doctors of Chiropractic are the only healing professionals who are trained to analyze and correct the vertebral subluxation complex—a spinal problem that can cause serious health concerns—including headaches.

Chiropractic adjustments address headaches by relaxing the neck, shoulders, and upper back. As you relax, you will feel your muscles soften and headaches disappear. The goal of these adjustments is to improve the alignment of vertebrae. By improving the movement and alignment of bones in the neck, your chiropractor can relieve pressure and irritation that results in headaches.

To learn more about this drug-free, natural pain relief option, contact our office today.

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